The Quick & Dirty:

  • 9+ years in the biz, 10 messing around
  • All the latest in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP (Sorry, no .net or Ruby skills yet)
  • Cross-browser compatible code from Photoshop or Illustrator files.. or napkins!
  • Custom Specialities in Wordpress theming & plugins, Twitter & jQuery
  • Subversion, server-log analysis, and blocking hack-attempts (of late).
  • Data/Project Geek. I ♥ timelines.

I’ve compiled some handy PHP functions I’ve had to whip up. More extensive code-samples are also available.


Wordpress-from-static HTML


Apple Event 10/2010 Reviewed: A lot of Good, Still holding out Hope

The Fall Mac Lineup Upgrade/Event is upon us, and here’s a quicky-review/commentary:

Facetime: Wait, what about iChat? Is it dead? Or integrated-replaced?

iPhoto: They’re keeping the ball rolling, but still lacking a decent timeline/iCal integration. Read: Microsoft actually had it on the money with Kin’s online timeline portal.
Alright, so seriously.. Do I want to make videos of my vacation? No. Do some parents? Yes. Will my kids? Likely. So much so that the majority of their demos were 20-somethings!  Is it an instant-in to a larger world/set of knowledge? Sure. Will these areas be where I become the out of touch dad? Perhaps.
But as the Mac platform increases the access & availablity to film-effects, the CAMP will only get worse. Oddly enough, it will also turn EDL into “Ooh, I’m in a mooovieee!” BS. I hereby warn: There *will* be a social reaction against this! –The new hipsters.
Admittedly nice, especially for the lessons. But again, why isn’t there iCal integration with learning an instrument? I really would like to have it schedule a set of events/path for me.
Mac OSX “Lion”:
  • Multi-touch Ergo’s: Thanks for explaining this to the world. This, however, still doesn’t explain why there isn’t a convertible tablet though, only emphasizes the need/lack.
  • Mac App Store: Oh God. This is actually a direct M$ competition, as well as a reaction to the Mac 30K/month developers. But does it allow for developer/app integration? Likewise, Ubuntu has had this for YEARS!
  • Launchpad: Return to 1996: Program Manager. Really?!? What ’bout that Dock? I smell competition!
  • Full-Screen: About time. I hate menus. And I need focus! (but I also need alerts!) App-switching (2-finger swipe) isn’t clear enough.
  • Mission Control: “Super-Expose’”
  • Note: They never demo’d apps returning to last location & auto-saving documents.
One huge area of improvement: Still lacking a decent Recent-Documents (like/integrated into launchpad please).
Final Words: The Macbook Air.
Monday, when I saw the original price of the Air, I realized something I hadn’t noticed before: it’s relatively cheap. And it’s the future. Jobs said as much today.
In closing: I’d like to produce a website whereby a software/hardware development timeline is curated according to a curated & crowd-sourced set of dreams & wishes. Help guide the computing industry.

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