The Quick & Dirty:

  • 9+ years in the biz, 10 messing around
  • All the latest in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP (Sorry, no .net or Ruby skills yet)
  • Cross-browser compatible code from Photoshop or Illustrator files.. or napkins!
  • Custom Specialities in Wordpress theming & plugins, Twitter & jQuery
  • Subversion, server-log analysis, and blocking hack-attempts (of late).
  • Data/Project Geek. I ♥ timelines.

I’ve compiled some handy PHP functions I’ve had to whip up. More extensive code-samples are also available.


Wordpress-from-static HTML


Conductive Stylus for Tablets

The writing-on-tablets dream is still a dream, for many. The screens are still laggy, and there’s horror stories about scratching screens with poorly constructed stylii. I’ve tried my own luck with $5 cheapies, and was never impressed – they wore down or were too big to accurately see.

I don’t know what possessed me to search Google 30 minutes ago, but only the summaries of these 2 searches gave me the home-brew stylus:
1) soft conductive:  “..soft foam used traditionally for EMI shielding. The electrically conductive fibers..”
2) static shielding bags ipad screen: “..I’m using statshield static shielding bag..”

It seems someone came quite close to building one on their own before me – only as a mod, not a build.

Requisite Elements:

  1. Pencil. Dull, comfortable. Preferably long.
  2. Blue tacky goop. Hot glue might work too.
  3. an anti-static bag. You must test it on your tablet-screen to make sure it works first; I simply made a loop of it, keeping my fingers .5cm away, using a drawing app to ensure touches/conductivity were being registered.


  1. Cut a long, wide strip of conductive anti-static bag, approx 8cm x 1cm.
    It’s important to make sure there is a large enough surface of plastic; I found for my NookHD tablet, I needed at least 1cm square, but I could cheat it down to 8mm if I wrapped it end-over-end.
  2. Dull a pencil. Duller is likely better. You may want to dull it flatter on one side for a fuller, angled touch
  3. Tape the end of bag-strip on the pencil body, in such a way that your natural hand-grip on the pencil is touching lots of the strip.
  4. Get some soft, tacky-goop, to soften the tip & hold the pencil tip onto the plastic. Likely an insulator, FWIW.
  5. Tape the other end around the pencil, as needed.
  6. Fiddle as needed, and watch out for your wrist!

2013-08-07 14.01.31


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