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I’ve compiled some handy PHP functions I’ve had to whip up. More extensive code-samples are also available.


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Electronic/Paper: The Cost of a Tablet vs Printing the Internet

Say I buy a tablet for $400. Say it lasts me 4 years. That’s $100/year, or $0.27/day, right? But say I wanted to be a luddite, keep my eyes from burning out or something: How much of what I read on the internet, could be printed out for that 30-cents/day?

Printer paper runs at about $30/10 reams (5000 sheets). That’s $0.066/sheet minimum.
Printer ink (for my HP printer) runs 800 pages printed for $25 (black-only). That’s $0.031/pg, for a grand total of $0.097/B&W page.

Now, if we’re talking about double-sided printing (to save paper), we’re running at $0.128/sheet minimum, black-text only. And finally, with our 27-cent/day allowance, we get right about 2.14 sheets, double-sided (2.14 pages of reading), which for standard half-sheet books, is 4.28 pages in a book/day.

Self-Printing Book
Total Cost 400 400
Print-Rate (double-sided, full-sheets) 0.128
Print-Rate (double-sided, half-sheets) 0.064 0.04
$400 of Pages 6250 10,000
Duration (4 years in days) 1461 1461
Pages/Day 4.28 6.84

I’m pretty sure I read more than 4-6 pages on the internet per day, if only in headlines!

How much for that much paper in book-form? A decent book is $10/250 pages. That’s $0.04/page (and each page is double-sided, so that’s $0.08/book-sheet @125 sheets, 4-cents less than my own printing.) Turns out that our tablet-conversion rate is between 6-7 pages/day in a $10 book, 8 printed sheets, or about the old-school price of a daily newspaper (now running about almost 1.25x that 30-cent/day rate).
Self-Printing Book
$400 of Pages 6250 10000
Personal Reading Rate (pages/hour) 24 24
Hours of Fun $400 can give: 260.42 416.67
Hours/day for 4years: 0.18 0.29
Minutes/day for 4 years 10.69 17.11
So it looks like those 4-6pages are round 10-17 minutes of fun, leaving 1.6 hours left/day. Perhaps the internet’s achievement is boredom-avoidance. But what of the potential of free books on a tablet?
Personal Reading Rate (pages/hour) 24
Reading Time Available (2 hours/day, for 4 years) 2,922 * Based on 2010 internet-use time:
Total Potential Pages 70,128
250-page books: 280.51  
Now, for dense material, my reading rate is usually around 24pages/hour, which for 2hours/day for 4 years, is a potential of 70,128 book pages! That’s 280 books of 250page length. Or 70 1000-pagers. That’s insane, and that’s what is meant by Human Potential. Perhaps the tablet could supply those 70 classic novels, if only the self control would be had to not use the tablet for other vices.

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