The Quick & Dirty:

  • 9+ years in the biz, 10 messing around
  • All the latest in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP (Sorry, no .net or Ruby skills yet)
  • Cross-browser compatible code from Photoshop or Illustrator files.. or napkins!
  • Custom Specialities in Wordpress theming & plugins, Twitter & jQuery
  • Subversion, server-log analysis, and blocking hack-attempts (of late).
  • Data/Project Geek. I ♥ timelines.

I’ve compiled some handy PHP functions I’ve had to whip up. More extensive code-samples are also available.


Wordpress-from-static HTML


The Web Developer’s Labor & the Tablet

Back when compile times meant days, code writing, editing and knowing your syntax, were very important. Anymore, we coders rely on the debugger to tell us everything. We’re not just reactive, but frantic – edit, save, look at output & repeat, multiple times per minute. We’re taught this since editing more than one thing can cause problems too immense to figure out. Problems are solved by changing one thing, while keeping everything else the same. Coding is science.

But this frantic labor means frequent window-switching, so much so that it’s often better to just have everything in front of you: the source(s) and the output(s). Between the slowness of tablet precision-typing & the inability to see 2 apps at once, nevermind the website source-code.. tablets are hardly the preferable choice for web-development.

I’m really trying though. I’ve found a good text editor that shows line-numbers (kinda crashes sometimes though). Subversion checkouts (with handy-dandy commit-hooks) make it possible to edit files & push to server while out-and-about. I’m interested in phpdoc, with its ability to show me errors, bug & to-do markers. And I’d like to move my php_errors.log/apache access.log & error.log files into an RSS feed (email alerts are a bit much, perhaps for site-is-down notifications though).



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